Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend and a bunch of pictures!

I must say, my blogging and internet break was very refreshing. Which is not to say that I am not very happy to have my computer back up and running!

It was a busy and fast long weekend for us, and though I enjoyed every minute with my family, I have to admit that I'm also glad to be home again. We had an open house down in Idaho for people who couldn't make it to the wedding, so we came home with bags loaded...both with presents and stuff from our parent's houses because they want it out!

I flew in on Wednesday, along with my mom. Thursday my dad and sister arrived (they were supposed to come on Wednesday too) so we spent most of the day going to the airport to get them and driving back...and taking our time. It was a long day! Friday we relaxed and then my husband arrived. Saturday the ladies got pedicures! My toes were sorely in need, because they still had my wedding nail polish on them!

After that we headed to Shoshone Falls, a waterfall where Geoff and had gone to four years ago for a mini-date (with friends!) That was at the beginning of our dating relationship.
This was us four years ago...we look so little!

And here we are in the same place (relatively speaking, not the same lookout) four years later...at the beginning of our marriage!

It is merely coincidence that he is wearing the same shirt!
After taking a few family pictures...

And a few pictures of the falls themselves...

(I really like this last one!)
...we headed for some shopping. Of course!

Sunday was our wedding open house. It was very pretty and fairly subdued, but exactly what we wanted. Most of the people who came were friends of Geoff's family, so I had a few introductions to work through, but it was nice to see friends of the family that I remembered from previous visits!

We were going to play nice, but then Geoff changed his mind...

So I reciprocated!

Like I said, the weekend was way too short, but it was so fun.

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