Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There are days when I come home from babysitting swearing I will never have kids. And then there are days like last Friday, when I am absolutely in love.
There are only 2 kids today, due to luck and the fact that she's down a child for a few months. It is also beautiful outside, with actual sun, so we spent the majority of the morning outside. With just two young kids they entertain themselves, don't need attention all the time and find endless things (like spiders) to touch. Days like these remind me how fun kids can be, and I can't wait to have them.

Of course there's also days like yesterday. Days when, after lunch, I was responsible for 7 kids. Days when the morning went well until the baby got cranky and it was time to go inside. Days when one child is hungry too early and another refuses lunch. Then I go home and beg my husband not to touch me because I've held a baby all day and just want some time to myself!

Realistically I know parenting is a mix of both days, and I can only hope I will know when I am ready to deal with both all the time, not just 4 days a week!

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