Thursday, June 24, 2010


The other day I decided I needed a sewing machine. I just wanted a simple one that was not antique (there are many of those on craigslist!) and would do what I want it to do: sew a straight stitch. was off to craigslist for me. Lest you not forget, I love craigslist.

I bought this Singer for $90, which isn't bad, considering sells it for $200. Next, it was time to break it in!

We had recently gone through our clothes that didn't fit anymore or were just too worn out, and made a donate pile. While I did bring one bag to a donation center, I had not yet gotten around to bagging up the rest, and it's sitting in our hallway, waiting for me to finish what I started.

In this pile, I found an old pair of Geoff's jeans that he doesn't fit into anymore, but that I do! Not that this was all that great for my self-esteem, but I quickly put that out of my mind because I've been wanting to turn an old pair of pants into a skirt for some time now. Following this tutorial, I set to work on Geoff's old pants.
Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures of the process, but I do have the end result and I'm thrilled! In fact, I wore it today!

(Wow, you never know quite how dirty your mirror is until you take a picture of it, huh?)

I folded the crotch pieces under so they weren't pointed like in the tutorial, and I left the back open slightly, because I liked the slit. Also, I didn't cut it quite even, but it isn't really all that noticeable since I frayed the ends. This was partially out of laziness and a desire not to hem, and partially because I don't have any skirts that have frayed edges so I wanted something different.

I am NOT a sewer, but this was so simple that even I couldn't mess it up...which is really saying something! I'm already eying a pair of green pants that would make a nice skirt when they are worn out...but they're not there yet!

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