Wednesday, May 25, 2011

52 letter challenge: Week 21

It's hard to believe that I've written (roughly) 21 letters this year! I say roughly because, as it seems to be habit lately, I've fallen off the wagon a bit. This doesn't discourage me, however, because I feel like the point is to keep going, rather than simply give up. If, at the end of the year I've only written 45 letters, I don't want to feel like a failure. Hey, no one's perfect!

Anyway, when we last left off 2 weeks ago, I had sent a letter to an old friend from college who I lived with and rented a room. I also returned a letter to my friend Elizabeth. I wrote 2 letters to catch up a bit. Last week I wrote a letter to my mother's small group. These ladies are an amazing group, and have welcomed me in when I was living at home and whenever I'm home to visit on a Thursday night. I just love them so much and they are so encouraging to me. They consist of my mom (obviously), my youth pastor from when I was growing up, an old family friend who has supported me in all my endeavors, and encouraged me to go to library school and a new family friend who I'm only just getting to know. These ladies prayed for me before I got married, advised me on married life, listened to me when I expounded on my own fears, and have generally been there for me (and, of course, each other). I long to have my own group of women like them, someday.

This week I've started a letter to Lydia, my penpal, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. I also picked up a few postcards from when I was in Chicago and plan to get them in the mail as soon as I get around to it, which hopefully will be this week! Do postcards count? I certainly hope so. After that...who knows!

Are you doing the 52 letter project? How are you doing? Please respond in the comments section below. I always love some comments!

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