Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save the tatas!

Remember my amazing grandmother, who survived breast cancer and is now 5 years free of cancer?

You should all be jealous that she isn't your Gramma. Anyway, it's time for a shameless plug for the yearly Komen Race for the Cure. This year Gramma isn't able to walk, so she is asking for people to sponsor her not to walk. She recently reached her goal of $1000, but that doesn't mean she can't earn more! Will you please consider supporting my grandmother and, more importantly, breast cancer research?

And while you're at it, ladies, don't forget to do your self breast exam! Breast cancer can often be caught with just a self exam as my grandmother's was. You are looking for a lump about the size of a frozen pea (sorry to be a little gross, but this is important!!) So get to know your tatas, and think about donating to a great cause!

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