Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May goal review

I can hardly believe that we're already halfway through the year 2011. The older I get the faster life seems to move on me.

Anyway, I didn't do so well with May's goals. In fact, I pretty much failed all of them.

1. Lose 5 pounds. It's time to buckle down with Weight Watchers.
{I blame my lack of success in this goal on our trip to Chicago. However, I have been steadily losing all month, so I'm at least on the right track}

2. Try one new recipe a week. This has been successful in the past!
{Well, it wasn't a success this month! Though I think I might have tried two new recipes but I can't remember if those were this month or last!}

3. Play nice with Mint.com. Yes, again.
{I did pretty well on this one. We rearranged some of our goals to accommodate our spending habits and I think that will help a bit. Still, I will be happy when tomorrow rolls around and we start over!

4. Sell at least one thing on my Etsy shop. I realize this is really not something I can control, but I want to try to advertise more, and work on building my inventory up. Which should be another goal...
{Yay, success! My grandmother bought a pair of earrings for my aunt's birthday. Someday maybe I will get someone who isn't family to buy my items.

5. Add 3 more things to my Etsy shop.
{Another success! I added exactly 3 things last night, and two others earlier this month!}

Stay tuned for June's goals!
Did you set goals this month? If so, how did you do?

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