Friday, May 6, 2011

52 letter challenge, weeks 17 and 18

I'm behind again. Not only am I behind in updating about my project, but I'm also behind in sending letters. Worst of all, I had two letters returned to me this week! One because I didn't have enough postage (damn those square envelopes!) and the other because I didn't have the correct address. Oops.
So this week I re-mailed out the square envelope with extra postage, and the incorrect address is going to have to be delivered in person, since I'm seeing this friend in just a week when I go to Chicago! In an effort to catch up, I wrote a letter to my pen-pal Lydia, and my friend Elizabeth, who was kind enough to write back when I wrote to her earlier in the project. So I'm not sure if the returned letters count, but I did write actual letters, in addition to finding an unusually sappy card to mail to my mom for Mother's Day. I think this is acceptable!

If you are doing the 52 week letter challenge, how are you doing?

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