Thursday, July 21, 2011

52 Letter Challenge, week...who knows!

I've been slacking again. (On a related note, notice that I'm too lazy to use the calendar sitting right in front of me to count the weeks in the year so far.) When we last left off, over a month ago, I think I said that I was behind again. Oops. However, I keep telling myself not to give up but to keep going, because even if I don't send out 52 letters this year, at least I will send out more than I would have without doing this project.

Anyway, this week I wrote 3 letters, (or 1 last week and 2 this week, if Saturday counts as last week, which I suppose it does). Last week I also finally mailed out a postcard that I picked up in Chicago in May. It was an old fashioned picture of Wrigley Field, so I sent it to my grandmother, who is a baseball fan. She emailed in response and said she really liked it!
On Saturday I mailed out a letter to my penpal, Lydia, and earlier this week I wrote 2 letters to 2 different people who have yet to receive a letter from me! One was a good friend who I have actually never met. We "met" online, and became friends. She's seen me through a lot, and has served as a wonderful sounding block on more than one occasion (via email) but I don't think I've ever written her a letter.
The other was to my best friend from high school. We used to write to each other all the time, both via mail (later, when we were apart) and through notes in class, passed quickly in the hallway. This was simply a chatty note, with a quick update on life for me, since we've hardly talked since she came to our wedding a year and a half ago.
I picked up a Heartsy deal last week for $10 (a $32 credit that completely covered my purchase! Score!) for an Etsy shop that makes stationary. (If you haven't heard of Heartsy, check it out, it's awesome) I used my new stationary for my 2 letters this week. I didn't exactly need more stationary, but I have been going through a lot of what I had, and for $10 I figured it was worth it. I got about 20 cards (I think) so I'm really happy with that!

Are you doing the 52 week letter challenge? Are you behind like I am? How are you doing??

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