Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Menu plan Monday (er, Tuesday!) and Food Stamp Challenge update

I promised I'd post pictures of my groceries and how much I spent on them, and I'm hoping this will keep me accountable!
This week I spent $21.58 on groceries at Safeway...

...and $38.95 at Costco totaling $60.53. I'm hoping that with all this produce I can slide by without having to go grocery shopping next week. I feel good about the food purchases I made this week, even though I spent more than I thought I would and am hoping that we don't keep this up or else we won't make it!
The cherries (which Geoff really likes) were on sale for $2.99 a pound, where they're normally $6.99/lb here. The strawberries were also just over $1.00 a pound though I can't remember the exact amount. They're at least double that even when they're on sale at the supermarket. I cut them all up, and am going to try to make them last over a week (this can be difficult in our house!) I also needed rolls for one of our meals, but since I didn't think we could go through a whole bag, I bought them individually, for .79 cents each.

So, here's what we're eating this week! (Starting with July 2nd)

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner: bacon (which we had in the house) and pancakes, the cheapest thing to make! They even had chocolate chips (something else we had in the house!)

Sunday: Baked potatoes with all the fixins. (We'll buy potatoes and chives, but we have cheese and sour cream in the house already.

Monday: BBQ at a friend's. We're bringing a salad.

Tuesday: Meatloaf (which will hopefully last the week for lunches) and corn on the cob.

Wednesday: Shrimp Po'Boys and most likely a veggie of some sort.

Thursday: Skillet macaroni and cheese, again, some veggie or salad.

Friday: I'm out, and I usually get a smoothie from Emerald City Smoothie. Geoff will have leftovers, probably.

Saturday: Homemade pizza (this might be pushed to Sunday, since I work on Saturdays and might not have the time or patience to make the dough. I might even try grilled pizza!

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner. We had extra pancakes so I froze them. Not as good as fresh, but still good (I hope). Probably also either fruit or bacon.

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