Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Little known fact by most who don't know me very well...I don't like music.
That's not right. I don't like music with words.

Less than a week before our wedding we sat down with the DJ in the coffee part of Barnes and Noble. It was my mom, sister, Geoff and I. The DJ looked at me, and asked me what music I liked, and I told him the truth. "I don't like music."
Needless to say, my sister and Geoff took care of this particular meeting, with the odd comment from me {I vetoed the Macarena and chicken dance pretty quickly}. This was just one of many last minute meetings we were having in the days leading up to our wedding. Considering we planned this with Geoff in Seattle and me in Alabama...getting married in Massachusetts, there were a lot of little meetings to fit in. Usually I had an opinion. Not in this one. I'm not even sure why I was invited!

One of the most striking parts of that conversation, however, was the comment my sister made, explaining me to the DJ. She said, "She likes instrumental music. I think she understands it, because she used to play in the band in high school."

With that one comment, everything made sense to me. The way I love to listen to piano music (it's my favorite instrument). The way I can always pick out different instruments in an orchestra, or the way I hear the bass part in certain songs that I played in school. The way I instinctively pick up on the background music in a movie, the way I used to listen to Harry Potter soundtracks before watching the movie, just so I knew what I would be listening to.

Instrumental music just has a whole different language, and it's not in words. It's just one I happen to understand.

I discovered instrumental piano music during a difficult time in college, when I was having a hard time sleeping. I'm not sure who introduced me to George Winston, but I'll always be grateful that they did. The first time I heard this piece I knew I would walk down the aisle to it at my wedding, and I did. I love it.

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