Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things you don't know about me

This past weekend was my birthday and in light of that, I thought I'd list 10 things that (most of) you don't know about me!

  1. I've always loved the idea of walking a dog. When I was little and went to friend's houses with dogs, I always asked if we could take the dog for a walk.
  2. We grew up with about 3 channels on the TV and, as a result, I love cartoons.
  3. I still sleep with my childhood blanket (don't judge!)
  4. Even though I've owned 4 cats that were acquired as kittens, I now refuse to adopt a kitten, thanks to the volunteer work I do through a cat shelter (they just get adopted too quickly, and adults are completely ignored).
  5. I have to change my sheets every other week, my pajamas every week and my towel every week. The pjs and towels are changed on Mondays and I always change Geoff's too (poor guy).
  6. I'd rather watch a show on DVD years after it's been off the air than live, because then I'm not held in suspense.
  7. I love my birthday more than any other holiday in the year.
  8. I cross stitch
  9. I have always loved working with kids, and kids have always been drawn to me (I have no idea why though!)
  10. I hate to branch out and try new things, whether it's food, ice cream flavors or books.
What are some things I don't know about you?

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