Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrift store finds!

On my way home from work on Saturday, I decided to visit a Goodwill that I typically don't go to. As soon as I walked in, I remembered why I don't go there a's crowded, the people are pushy, the aisles are small and the prices are, in my opinion, a little higher than they could be, for what's there. However, I pushed through because I'd put all the effort into getting there (I turned down a wrong was this whole big thing) and I wanted to make it worth it.

After looking at the housewares for possible vintage Pyrex finds (nothing good, by the way), I headed over to the frames. You all know how I like to use frames as gifts, right? Well, this time I found an excellent frame for $.99 for a gift I've been thinking about putting together (not grandparents, this year). I can't get more specific in case the recipient happens to read my blog!

Next, I looked through the photo albums, because we recently acquired a large box of photos from Geoff's childhood. They aren't baby pictures, more pictures from middle and high school, and there were so many of them that I forced Geoff to sit down one night and go through them. To my great delight, he managed to get them down to about 50 pictures! {This was a vast improvement, believe me} So I've been looking for an album to put them all in for him.

When I spied this album, I thought it looked nice until I opened it up.

That's right. Someone donated an album full of pictures. Pictures of, I believe, a backyard transformation from somewhere around 1997. Apparently they weren't interested in them anymore. That was fine with me, because otherwise the album was in great shape, had a spot for writing a little description (unused) and was only $3.99! Score!

As best I could, I put Geoff's pictures in order by event/theme, asked him a few questions to caption some of them, put them all in the album and viola! The pictures are protected and out of the box where they were gathering dust in our garage. Phew.

What awesome thrift store finds have you had lately?

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