Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've been feeling uninspired lately.
I've been uninspired by cooking. Uninspired by reading (I'm back to rereading a series I enjoy). Uninspired by blog posts and writing. Uninspired (or maybe more discouraged) by debt and money savings. Just generally uninspired.

I need help. I need blog post ideas (what do you want me to write about??) and I need to get out of my job. That's probably the thing I'm most uninspired by. My day-to-day life seems to lack the excitement or something that it once did.
All day I dispatch and do the occasional filing, printing and faxing. There is nothing rewarding or satisfying about my job and I hate that. I do have plans in place for something else, and I constantly apply to new jobs, but that doesn't help me as I stare at a computer screen, day in and day out, criticized for every little mistake I make (and some non-mistakes).

Sure, I do things outside work that are a little more rewarding. I volunteer with a local cat shelter, I volunteer with our church youth group, I have a bible study, and I'm adding in regular yoga classes and banjo lessons. So why do I still feel so uninspired?
I have no idea. Help me out here, give me something interesting to talk about, or at least bear with me while I muddle through this funk.

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