Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu plan Monday

I'm starting back up with several things this week that I've been neglecting for one reason or another throughout the summer. One of these things is menu planning! Along with that comes Weight Watchers. I picked up a menu plan magnetic pad at Michael's for $1 this past week and have already put it to use! It even has a grocery list on the side...I love that!

Monday: Scrambled eggs with shredded chicken (we were given local eggs and smoked chicken from two different friends! Woo!)

Tuesday: Chicken and avocado soup. I love avocados, we have all that chicken and this is a Weight Watchers friendly meal! How can you go wrong? (I do realize I'm going to be cooking soup in the summer, but I don't mind if you don't.)

Wednesday: Leftover buffet for Geoff, youth group for me! (Another sadly neglected thing this summer that I'm starting up again!)

Thursday: Hamburgers and grilled veggies

Friday: Homemade pizza (probably with hamburger on it!)

Saturday: Skillet macaroni and cheese and broccoli

Sunday: Chicken parmesan and TBD veggies

Looks like it will be a good (albeit chicken heavy) week! Plus, we have all this meat in the freezer which means our grocery shopping can afford to be heavy on the fruits and veggies because we'll save money not having to buy meat this week! Always a plus. Now I just need to stick with this plan...!
Menu Plan Monday is, as always, brought to you by I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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