Monday, August 23, 2010

Your best friend

We met in second grade. I don't remember, but apparently I was wearing a dress with "poofy" sleeves and my mom had pinned my mittens to my coat, something I thought was "babyish". She was new in town, and I, being who I am, was willing to make friends with anyone new. Kristin and I were fast friends, but we haven't always been best friends.
In 5th grade I met another girl, who became my best friend through middle school. I ran with a different crowd between school and church youth group, and Kristin and I may never have talked again if it wasn't for Girl Scouts. We continued to see each other regularly because of Girl Scouts, and I'm grateful for that.
When I was a junior in high school I switched from playing the clarinet to the tenor saxophone in band. At that time we had sectionals on Friday afternoons with the low brass section...Kristin's section. Something happened on those Friday afternoons. We found each other again, somehow, amidst our other friends and different sections. Kristin and I started to visit Marshalls together, and Walmart, and, later, Bagel World, a wonderful bagel sandwich shop that opened up in our town.
By the time we went to college, me in Pennsylvania and her in New Hampshire, we were best friends once again. We saw each other regularly at every break and when I graduated and moved back home we saw each other every weekend.
Kristin is funny and amazingly strong, despite what she's been through in her life. She is one of the few people in this world that I feel like "gets" me, one of the few people with whom I can laugh for hours about nothing. We always look like we are having more fun than is reasonable, and I love that about us. I just love us, and I miss her every day. Kristin will never leave New England, but despite being on opposite coasts I'm sure our friendship will remain strong.

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