Friday, September 30, 2011

September Goal Review

It's that time of the month again...goal review! I both look forward and dread this because I love seeing that I've accomplished things, but hate when I haven't! Here are my goals for this month, and how I did:

1. Paint the guest bed white.
I didn't do this because my garage is currently being taken up by another refinishing project! Details on that when I finish it. Someday.

2. Sand, re-stain and sell the Freecycle table on Craigslist
Sanded and re-stained, but not sold yet :(

3. Make $50 on ebay and Craigslist (I'm hoping to list the table at $50, so this should be an easy goal to reach)
Well, I made $20 on Ebay, and $60 babysitting, so I call this goal a success, even if my table is still sitting in the garage. Sigh.

4. Read three new books
This is a failure. I read 1 old book, 1 new book and I'm in the middle of an old book and a new book! So, I'm doing alright.

5. Apply to 4 jobs.
I don't think I need to make this a goal anymore because I'm so adept at it! I applied to at least 10 this month. Whoa.

6. Lose 5 pounds.
Well...almost. I'm down 4.5 but I think that might be since the very end of August.

Did you set goals this month? How did you do?

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