Thursday, September 1, 2011

September goals

Once September hits, it always feels like the rest of the year flies. I think it's because September is my birthday, which I absolutely love, and once that's over, it always feels like Thanksgiving's right around the corner. After Thanksgiving, it's only a few short weeks until Christmas, then we're looking at 2012! Gosh my life's flying by these days.

Anyway, here are my September goals. You'll see a couple repeats from last month, because I didn't get to everything I'd hoped I would.

1. Paint the guest bed white.

2. Sand, re-stain and sell the Freecycle table on Craigslist

3. Make $50 on ebay and Craigslist (I'm hoping to list the table at $50, so this should be an easy goal to reach)

4. Read three new books

5. Apply to 4 jobs.

6. Lose 5 pounds.

Are you setting goals this month? What are your goals, and what do you think of mine?

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