Friday, February 19, 2010

Embracing the old married couple

Recently someone I follow posted about the Entertainment book and I was intrigued. When I was younger my family was given one, and I've seen kids selling them as a fundraiser, but hadn't given it much thought before now. The link proclaimed that the book was only $21, or 40% off, so I bookmarked it and waited for!
While I waited, I asked a friend if she thought I should do this or was it a waste of money. Her response was that it would pay for itself pretty quickly, and it was clear that I was becoming an old married couple, so I should embrace it! So I did.
I also got suckered into getting the subscription which means $5 more off, free shipping on next year's book and $5 off next year too. All in all I ended up paying about $19 which includes shipping! For a book full of coupons tailored to my area, I thought this was pretty good. If we don't use it enough this year I will hopefully remember in time to cancel next year's book!
I'll let you know how we make out!

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