Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu plan Monday!

I've been a little lax in my menu plan posting, but not in my planning, thankfully! Here's this week's plan:

Sunday: Sourdough pancakes
Monday: Weight Watchers skillet macaroni and cheese and garden salad
Tuesday: Hungry Girl's Chicken Cordon Bleu, pasta and salad
Wednesday: Homemade pizza with leftover sausage on Geoff's side and leftover ham and canned pineapple on the other side for me!
Thursday: BLT sandwiches and Progresso soup
Friday: Shredded French-Dip sandwiches and salad, as long as there is enough lettuce that hasn't gone bad yet!
Saturday: Night out!
As always, menu planning brought to you by!

I've been a little lazy and cooked pretty much out of the pantry for the past two weeks, so I'm feeling like I should get back into putting a little more effort into my cooking this week.
The French bread for the French dip sandwiches and the bread for the BLTs will hopefully be homemade. I've been working on baking my own bread, but there is a slight learning curve. My first two loaves were a little too small and dense, and my second two had a huge hole in the middle of them!!  A little research shows that I might have let them rise a little too quickly, therefore allowing holes to be saved in there. I'm going to try again tomorrow or Wednesday and hopefully will have slightly better luck.

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