Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu plan Monday and budgets

As always, Menu Plan Monday is brought to you by (and inspired by!) Organizing Junkie!

Sunday: Breakfast for dinner! Bacon, eggs and toast.
Monday: Creamy tomato soup (crockpot recipe) and grilled cheese
Tuesday: Grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes and tomato mozzarella salad
Wednesday: Chicken stroganoff, crock pot recipe, green salad
Thursday: Progresso soup and tuna-melt sandwiches
Friday: Hamburger helper with ground turkey
Saturday: Homemade chicken margarita pizza with sourdough crust! (I'm extra excited about this one!)

Starting this month, Geoff and I are also sticking with our budget. Since he takes care of most of the bills (power, credit card, car payments etc.) I am keeping track of the one thing I can control: groceries. Our goal is $250 a month, which amounts to about $60 a week. We usually do our shopping on Sundays, together, and today we only spent $56.60! I'm very excited to have come in under budget. My tentative goal is to see how much we spend, trying not to go over $250 and if we can regularly spend less, then we can adjust the budget as needed. Since groceries are one of the few flexible items on the budget (car payment and student loans, for example, are fixed) I'm hoping to save a little money here. So we'll see how it all works out. We are also trying to stock up the freezer with things that are on sale, like meat. Today we bought two whole chickens because they were .79 cents a pound and they're easy to cook. I'll use one of them in a couple weeks when we have a friend visiting and it should stretch far for us. I can't wait to see results in a few weeks...either on our waistline or in the bottom line of our budget!

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