Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu plan Monday! and some other ramblings...

Both last week and this week we were able to get away with very minimal grocery shopping which makes me very happy! The reason we were able to do this is a combination of cooking from the pantry and freezer, and using leftovers.

That said, we DID go to FatBurger last Tuesday...but other than that we ate quite well, even for Valentine's Day! We spent about $35 on fresh scallops, pasta and grapes from Pike Place Market on Saturday and Geoff grilled them up while I made fresh rolls! It was a delicious (and much cheaper than going out) meal together :)

Anyway, onto the menu planning:

Monday: Frozen shrimp skillet meal
Tuesday: Out with friends for a Mardi Gras potluck
Wednesday: Grilled chicken, rolls (hopefully leftovers), tomato and avocado salad
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner with bacon
Friday: BLT sandwiches and Progresso soup
Saturday: Night out! (I'm pushing for Outback)

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