Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Waste Friday

This week's food waste Friday, brought to you, as always, by The Frugal Girl, is sans pictures, but unfortunately not sans waste.

This week I was forced to throw away most of a loaf of bread that just did not get cooked properly. It had a nice big hole in the middle, and it wasn't suitable for anything except my own personal snacking which was not beneficial at all. So, into the compost it went.

I also threw away a small helping of black beans. They were from a can and several weeks old. The problem with beans is that I don't eat them, and I couldn't figure out what else to do with them to make Geoff eat them. When I pulled them out to put in a salad, I discovered that when beans go bad they SMELL TERRIBLE. I'm ashamed to admit that they actually spent the morning on my counter because I couldn't bring myself to open them again and put them in the compost. No excuse as to why there aren't any photos, sorry about that.

All in all, not bad! Although I'm worried that next week's food waste is going to be featuring some lettuce if I don't hurry up and eat that.

How did you do??

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