Monday, February 13, 2012

Harry Potter Challenge Day 14

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Day 14 is Death Eater or DA?

For me, the choice is simple. The DA. I can't help it, I'm a good girl at heart!
I love the defense spells that Harry teaches in the DA classes. Defense Against the Dark Arts would be my favorite class, after Potions, I think. Thus, it only makes sense that I would choose the good side...the DA.

I don't think there's much more to expound on, in this question, so I'll ask you...Death Eaters or DA?

Day 1: What's your favorite book? Why?
Day 2: What's your favorite movie? Why?
Day 3: What frustrated you most about the film adaptations?
Day 4: Who is your least favorite female character? Why?
Day 5: Who is your favorite male character? Why?
Day 6: What house are you in?
Day 7: Who is your favorite female character?
Day 8: What do you think would be your favorite lesson?
Day 9: Who is your least favorite male character? Why?
Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows?
Day 11: What character would you say you are most like?
Day 12: What's your favorite ship?
Day 13: What's your least favorite movie?
Day 14: Death Eater or the DA?
Day 15: Who would be your best friend at Hogwarts?
Day 16: Who's your favorite professor?
Day 17: What's your least favorite book? Why?
Day 18: Do you prefer the books or films?
Day 19: What is your favorite chapter?
Day 20: What part of the books always makes you cry?
Day 21: If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?
Day 22: Are there any scenes you wished would have been put in the films?
Day 23: Nineteen years later. Are you happy how the series turned out?
Day 24: What's your favorite spell?
Day 25: Would you rather own The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand?
Day 26: Who is your favorite villain character? Why?
Day 27: Who is your favorite Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher?
Day 28: What would your patronus be?
Day 29: What is your favorite line in the books?
Day 30: What effect has Harry Potter had on your life?

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