Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Swap!

I joined Fabulous but Evil's Valentine's Day Swap and it was so much fun! I love Valentine's day for the simple reason that I love HEARTS!

I was paired with Annahita and told her that I love hearts and she complied!

 She sent me fuzzy socks (LOVE socks!) with hearts, little heart ornaments and heart stickers! I will probably use the hearts for my scrapbook and letters!

And in case you were wondering what Geoff got me for Valentine's Day (we celebrated with Chinese food and gifts on Friday because he has class on Tuesday night) he followed my suggestion and got me the heart apron at Target I've been admiring!

Adorable. I'm especially pleased with this gift because it's not just "stuff", but something I'll definitely use. Plus, Geoff has an apron and I was tired of borrowing his!

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