Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a love story!

I love the story of how Geoff and I met, and I was thinking recently that since other bloggers share their stories, I should too. Then I ran across this linkup, and was thrilled! Go check out the other online love stories!

It all started with Harry Potter, Livejournal, and this girl:

Strange combination, huh? So, here's the story.

Waaaay back in December 2005, I got it in my mind that I wanted to play a Harry Potter role playing game. After searching long and hard (not really) on Livejournal for a text based game, my sister and I decided to start our own. We had no idea what we were doing.
Thank goodness for Kim (pictured above)! She offered to help, as she had experience with these things. Since we were lacking in players, especially guys, Kim invited her (relatively new) friend Geoff to play with us.

Ah, those were the days. This was back when everyone used IM, so we spent hours online chatting; Kim, Geoff, sometimes my sister and a few other players. Since they lived in Idaho, and I was in Massachusetts and they were 3 hours behind me, I was regularly staying up past midnight which wasn't good, since I often worked at 5 am the next morning. But I loved it all.

After a while, Geoff and I started chatting more and more. Some time in mid-April I realized that I liked him. It hit me all of a sudden, and seemingly out of the blue, although I'm sure it had been developing for a while. I remember leaving my house and calling Geoff just to say hi, and realizing that it was because I missed his voice.

On April 18, 2006, between class for Geoff, and a baseball game (that I was covering for a paper) for me, I asked him to be my boyfriend.

The rest, as they say, is history. I knew 3 months into our relationship that we would get married. It took him another year to come to this conclusion himself, but that's OK. I tried to be patient. We dated long distance for almost 5 years, visiting each other every few months (and spending about 6 months together). Finally, finally on January 2, 2010, we were married, and moved to the same zip code permanently.

And I still love him as much as the day we started dating.

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