Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House list update!

You may recall that I have a lovely list of house goals for 2012? Well, I am pleased to report that I have actually completed three of those goals!

Goal: Sell the futon in the office.
Goal: Find a suitable futon replacement.
Goal: Hang the Dark Side of the Moon picture (this was actually one of last year's goals. Oops.)

The futon in the office, which was inherited from Geoff's mom, was just too big for that room. I don't have a good picture of it in the whole room, but it basically took up the whole wall, and most of the room when it was set up as a bed. So, after much discussion with Geoff, we decided to sell it. I listed it on Craigslist for $100, with the goal of getting at least $75 out of it. When no one bit, I was planning on re-listing it for $75 when the listing expired. Before I had a chance to do that, though, someone offered $75 and wanted to pick it up ASAP! I'll take it!

There was much debating about what we wanted to replace the futon with, because I did like having that second bed as an option. In the end, however, we decided that it was best to put Geoff's huge beanbag chair in there, along with a small bookcase with all his gaming magazines and books.
We only have one bathroom, and our couch (while we still have it) has a pullout bed, so that's an option in addition to the guest room. I don't intend to have that many people staying here anyway, because it's just too small for more than 2 extra people, especially with only 1 bathroom.

Anyway, here's the office with it's new arrangement! Much better. The bookshelf, by the way, is another Craigslist find. It's heavy duty and seriously looks brand new, and it was only $10! Score! Although it is particle board, it's the same color wood as the desk, so it matches and that makes me happy.

Meanwhile, in the den/TV room, we had a big open spot where the bean bag used to be. No good.

I decided to move the two bookshelves (one from Craigslist a while back and one from Geoff's childhood bedroom, painted black to match everything else) into that corner. They have movies and our other DVDs on them, so it only made sense to put them in the corner near the TV.

Next to them is my knitting basket (picked up at Goodwill) and, out of sight is our Wii balance board.

This opens up the areas where the bookshelves used to be for a place to drop Geoff's laptop bag, my banjo and my purse. You can see the before in the link above, and here's the after.

I have a hard time with this area, as it's slightly narrow due to the placement of our couch, and it's also right in front of the garage door, where we come in and out. I'm a little afraid it will become a dumping area, but we do need some place to put those things, and hopefully I can just stay on top of it.

Finally, here's the Dark Side of the Moon poster!

I let Geoff take care of this, because it required measuring and leveling, and it was a big pain, but now it's done! Only took us a year and a half.
So there you go! I love rearranging because it makes everything fresh and new! Plus, we sold something and only bought one thing, so in the end our rearranging profited us $65 (after the $10 bookcase). I'll say that's a good use of our Sunday afternoon.

What do you think?

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