Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm frugal, but I'm not dead!

Geoff has this saying whenever he comments on a pretty girl, (usually an actress): "I'm married, but I'm not dead!" It just cracks me up!

I never professed to be a frugalista, or someone you should learn from at all. I simply want to share my feelings on money, my ups and downs, and the small ways I'm learning to save. It's not much, but I like getting ideas from other bloggers and if I can help at all, I would like to, but I'm no expert.

So, that disclaimer out of the way, I'm frugal, but I'm not dead! Try as I might, there are aspects of my life that are not very frugal.

I go to Starbucks. At least once a week, sometimes more. At Weight Watchers they always tell you to have that piece of cake. You know why? Because if you avoid the cake you want you will end up eating everything around it in an effort to avoid the cake. You will eat way more rather than just having that slice of cake that you really want.
If we didn't have a coffee budget, I can assure you that we would spending way more money on coffee than we do right now. It is a luxury we built into our budget. We each load a Starbucks card with half our monthly budget, and when the card is empty, we're done. It's our own envelope system.

We eat out, we go to the movies, we have coffee. Once a week Geoff has breakfast at Denny's with his men's group. We're frugal, but we're not dead.

It's all in the control and seeing the big picture. You can watch me go to Starbucks twice a week and judge, but unless you know the big picture, you won't understand that that's ok. I can have my slice of cake because, like Weight Watchers, I have the "points" for it. I just can't go crazy.

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