Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Disney princesses and my childhood

We waited in line for like, an hour to meet Belle. Because she really is that awesome.

Last week I was listening to the kids at work talking about the Disney princesses. They were asking each other who their favorite prince and princesses were. It was sweet to hear them talking about all the different princesses. The most common princess favorites were Belle and Ariel. I don't blame them, as these are my favorite princesses too.

We also met Ariel. She was very bubbly (pun intended. Get it?)

Anyway, my kids got me thinking about the princesses, and how they've shaped my life. Although they weren't called "the princesses" and lumped together when I was a kid, they were just as adored by me as they are by my 6 year old charges.

Belle taught me (reminded me, really) that it's OK to read. I also love Belle because I think she's the "plainest" of the princesses. She has the plain brown hair I have, and though she's beautiful, I feel like she isn't the classically beautiful that Cinderella and Aurora are. Belle taught me to appreciate my own looks.

I've always admired Ariel's voice. Ariel taught me that even though it's sad, it's OK to move far away for love. The Little Mermaid is the first VHS movie I remember getting as a gift. I loved seeing her swim in the water, and sing, and, always an animal lover, I loved Max the dog!

Disney may have its flaws (no mother, ever, parents and villains dying in almost every movie, scary scenes) but it's my childhood, and I love it. I love that the princesses' personalities have developed and become better and better in every Disney movie.

Disney, our collective babysitter.

Which princess is your favorite? How jealous are you that I met Belle and Ariel??

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