Friday, August 19, 2011

Christmas in...August??

I have a confession. I've already started my Christmas shopping. In fact, I have ideas and, in a couple cases, people completely taken care of for Christmas gifts. Best of all, I've spent $32. I've spent $32 on 4 and a half people (I say half because one person's gift is only half completed).

I'm here to tell you that you may mock. You may think I'm crazy and ridiculous for starting this early. However come December, or the end of November, when you're thinking about doing your Christmas shopping, I'm going to be laughing, because I will be done. Well, I won't be laughing, because I'm kind like that, but I will be wondering what you were doing in August while I was completing my Christmas shopping!

PS Most of my gifts are courtesy of Swagbucks. It's a pretty awesome site. Oh, and Groupon helped a bit too.

So, am I crazy, or what??

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