Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week is a very exciting week because not only do I get to see my parents, mother in law and brother and sister in law (it's going to be a full house!) I'm also going to a Red Sox(/Mariners) game! We all know how much I love the Red Sox; really all things Boston.
This means that a. I will be absent (unless I get on top of things and am able to schedule some posts) and b. I have to be careful about what I'm cooking for dinner this week. I'm hoping to be both frugal and, of course, cook larger meals because there are a lot of people to feed!

Here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: My mom and Geoff's mom arrive (my parents are arriving separately)
Dinner out (we have an excellent Amazon Local deal for sushi, but it's more than Geoff and I can eat alone so we're going out with the moms)

Tuesday: My dad arrives
French dip sandwiches from the crock pot and corn on the cob

Wednesday: Grilled chicken thighs and grilled vegetables

Thursday: Late late arrival of brother and sister in law; after dinner.
Since this is our new weigh-in day, we are considering BBQ for dinner with the families (eating out)

Friday: Eat out (before the game)

Saturday: Geoff's mom and sister will leave in the afternoon, leaving us back down to 5 for dinner. Hoping to make sourdough pizza. Possibly grilled, but we'll see. The last time we tried that it didn't turn out so well.

Sunday: Hopefully something simple like pancakes.

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