Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What YOU'RE loving Wednesday

Every Wednesday a few of the blogs I follow post a "What I'm loving Wednesday" post. I thought this week, especially since I have new followers (hi!!) from the link-up that I would post links to a few of my more popular posts.
I'm excluding the "Show us your life" posts because SO many people come to see those that it's almost like they don't count. As for the rest of these, I have no idea why they are so popular, but maybe you will enjoy reading them for the first time, or rereading!

So, in no particular order, posts my readers are loving:

Homesick {In which I discuss how much I miss Boston, where I grew up}
52 Weeks, 52 Letters {In which I discuss the challenge I undertook this year}
Tornado {In which I discuss the devastation that a tornado caused in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a city I called home for a year and a half}
7 Layer Bars {The recipe for a holiday staple around our house}
Several of my Harry Potter posts/guest posts {It's no secret I love Harry Potter...}

So there you have it! It may not be a lot, but to me it means a lot that you enjoy what I have to say! At least I hope so. Maybe some one out there is randomly clicking just to mess with me. It's possible.

What is your favorite post?

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