Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm very sporadic with my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" posts, but I decided that today is Wednesday and I'm feeling in a loving kind of mood, I'd link up today.

Today I'm loving the beef stew we had for dinner last night (no, we don't have to talk about the fact that this is a fall/winter food and it's the end of August), the baked potatoes we're having for dinner tonight and the Jam Tarts (with homemade jam, of course) that I'm making for a baking contest at Geoff's work tomorrow! All these things are very frugal, and that makes me happy!

I'm loving the show Medium that we've started watching at night! Despite the fact that we've only just started it, I'm always looking for new shows to watch (I think Mad Men is next) so I'm open to ideas!

In that vein, I'm also loving Netflix Instant! It's saving us a lot of money since we canceled cable.

I'm loving my very patient, wonderful husband, who is putting up with my money-saving techniques!

I'm absolutely loving my garden, which provided carrots for last night's stew and has 4 lovely, hopefully still growing, pumpkins that I can't wait to decorate with! It's way bigger than that picture now. I should really do a garden update...

Finally, I'm loving the freecycle table I picked up months ago and am finally going to get around to refinishing and planning to sell on Craigslist! (Fingers crossed on that one!) I'm also excited that I was able to borrow a palm sander instead of buying our own, which I'd considered. Yay for both saving and making money!

What are you loving this week?

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