Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week in review

Here are some of the awesome things we did this past week, in no particular order, while entertaining two moms, a dad, and a sister and brother-in-law:

  • Curtained the last room in the house (pictures to come!)

  • Went to a Red Sox game and watched the Sox win (yay!)
  • Grilled and ate fresh salmon from Pike's Place Market
  • Grilled chicken, burgers, veggies and corn on the cob (our grill got a workout!)
  • Drank wine, beer and Moxie
  • Repaired the outside faucet and a leaky-not-up-to-code bathtub, thanks to my plumber brother-in-law
  • Generally had an excellent time with a lot of family.
What did you do last week?

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