Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On why I'm afraid of airports

I've never really done well with goodbyes. I cried every year of college that I had to say goodbye to my parents except the last year. The only reason I didn't cry then, was because I was going home, to the family with whom I'd lived the year before. I cried when I moved out after I graduated.

When Geoff and I started dating, we only saw each other every 4 months or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. I was living in Massachusetts, working as a reporter and Geoff was living in Idaho, finishing up school. It was then that I started to hate airports. The excitement of seeing Geoff again couldn't override the anxiety I always felt leaving him.

Even now, after just over a year and a half, I still can't stand the airport. Of course now I'm leaving family behind, which is a completely different feeling, but causes pain nonetheless. This week I said goodbye on 3 different occasions, since our family left at different times throughout the week. The last goodbye caused a complete meltdown, despite the fact that Geoff and I really are happy to be alone in our house, getting back to our routines again.
At least when I said goodbye to my mom, I didn't have to see the airport.

Do you have any completely unreasonable fears or dislikes?

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