Monday, March 1, 2010

I won a blogger award!

Mrs. Bushey, from The Bushey Life was sweet enough to give me this award! Thank you, it made my day!

Here are the rules: Make a list of 10 things that make your day and give this award to 10 bloggers.

1. Cross stitching
2. This award, haha!
3. Starbucks
4. Dr. Pepper
5. Hearing the garage door open, which means my husband is home
6. Being able to open the windows and get fresh air in the house
7. Clean sheets
8. How I feel after working out...glad I went! (It's not always easy to go though!)
9. A clean house
10. Scrapbooking

I really struggled with who I wanted to award this award to, to pass it on. To be honest, since I've just started blogging, I don't know 10 people to award it to! I finally decided to just pass on this, and please don't think I'm not participating out of laziness! This took me by surprise, and I spent most of my weekend trying to figure out what to do about it.
So, thank you Mrs. Bushey, and thank you all for understanding.

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