Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sourdough Starter

I have had several requests for more information on the sourdough pizza dough that we are planning for Saturday night. I did not expect this, but I'm thrilled to tell you more about sourdough!

It takes about 24 hours to prep sourdough for using, but the prep really only takes a few minutes every 12 hours. We have two types of sourdough (with another coming in the mail!) The first pictured, Geoff's blend, was made by my husband. It doesn't take much to make your own sourdough, by the way, and the interesting thing about that is that we could have Geoff's blend for 50 years and pass it onto our kids! Some sourdoughs are heirloom like that.
The other sourdough, which we typically use for pancakes, is called Yukon. It came from Sourdoughs International, and was a gift last year for Geoff's birthday from his mom. I really like this site because it has a lot of different sourdoughs, and describes which is best used for what. We have had pancakes with both Geoff's and Yukon, but like it best with the Yukon, for example.

Geoff does the sourdough prepping. Typically he'll take the sourdough out of the refrigerator, pour it into a bowl, and feed it (add flour and water). The sourdough warms to room temperature, gets all bubbly and active again (it rests in the cold while waiting to be used). We try to use it once a week, to keep it "active". Also, that way it takes less time to get it ready to be used when you use it more often.

Most recipes call for between 1/4 and a cup of sourdough starter. We normally throw some away (otherwise it'll overflow in the fridge!) and save a bit for next time!

Coming soon...sourdough pizza crust! Stay tuned!

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