Monday, March 15, 2010

The usefulness of Freecycle

I definitely underestimate what a great resource I have in Freecycle. When I was in Alabama I got a few things from Freecycle and got rid of more, though most of my large furniture I was trying to tell on Craigslist. But I don't think I use Freecycle as often as I could!

Geoff and I are trying to save up for a new couch and loveseat set, but we just haven't made it yet. I don't like the couch he had when I moved in; it's from Target and flattens down to a twin bed. Unfortunately it also has a bar right down the middle that hurts when you both lie and sit on it! It's perfect for the office/guest room, but I wanted it OUT of the living room!

So when a love seat appeared on Freecycle, I jumped right on it! Since they were right around the corner from us, the owners even offered to deliver it, because neither of our cars were big enough to get it. I was thrilled, to say the least. This new one, which even the cat loves, will serve to hold us off from getting a new couch for just a little longer.

I even tested it's nap-ability out. I had an excellent nap on it yesterday!

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